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Retail Outlook for the Boise MSA

Vacancy will likely continue its rise in the second half of 2016 as more mid- and big-box stores announce plans for consolidation or closures. The sizable vacancies left behind by such closures will likely not be backfilled quickly. Many landlords will look for creative ways to reposition these spaces by demising them into smaller units or leasing them to non-standard users such as fitness facilities or flex-industrial tenants that need a showroom and warehouse. Small grocers may also look to fill some of these spaces.
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Investment market outlook for the Boise MSA

The pool of buyers looking for quality investment product is deep, however, these offerings are in short supply. Demand for such assets will remain strong in the second half of the year, especially since many listings hitting the market today are more stable investments than were seen during the boom. Investments today are typically leased by tenants who are locked into true market lease rates, rather than inflated rates seen before the Great Recession.
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