Office Update
  • Total vacancy remained flat at 9.0% in August. Multitenant vacancy decreased from 13.7% to 13.4%. 
  • Construction completed on the new 76,000 SF AmeriBen/IEC building in Meridian where vacancy is 3.9%.
  • AmeriBen/IEC's move to Ten Mile Crossing increased vacancy in South Meridian to 13.3%, the highest it has been in 3 years.
  • 21,400 SF was leased to Packaging Corp of America at US Bank Plaza in Downtown Boise where vacancy is 7.8%.
  • The Nichols Accounting Group moved into a newly constructed 10,800 SF office building in Nampa. 

Industrial Update

  • Overall vacancy increased from 4.1% to 4.4% in August. Multitenant vacancy increased from 9.6% to 10.1%. 
  • 20,000 SF was leased to Ferguson Enterprises in Meridian where vacancy is 2.0%.
  • Construction completed on a 10,500 SF spec industrial building in Meridian.
  • Bretz RV leased the former Bish's RV space in Nampa (34,300 SF).
  • A new 90,000 SF building was completed in the Caldwell Boulevard submarket where vacancy is 5.4%.

Retail Update
  • Total vacancy decreased from 8.5% to 8.4% in August. Unanchored vacancy increased from 12.0% to 12.1%. 
  • Urban Outfitter's move from Downtown Boise to The Village decreased vacancy in Meridian to 4.9%.
  • Renaissance Consignment leased 5,400 SF in Downtown Boise where vacancy is 7.2%.
  • Planet Fitness announced they will be closing their location at Cottonwood Plaza in the North submarket increasing vacancy to 11.0%.
  • Vacancy in South Nampa fell to 10.0%, the lowest point it has been since March 2016.