Thornton Oliver Keller Leadership

Michael Ballantyne, CCIM, SIOR
Marc Stimpson, VP Operations

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Marc Stimpson Vice President Operations




 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE AGENTS: [Licensed in the state of Idaho]
Investment Brokerage Services

Peter Oliver, SIOR , CCIM
Mike Greene, SIOR, CCIM
John Stevens, CCIM
Mike Keller, SIOR, CCIM
Jim Boyd Investment Brokerage
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Nick Schuitemaker
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Office Brokerage Services

Patrick Shalz, SIOR Al Marino, SIOR
Karena Gilbert Office Brokerage
Laurie Reynoldson Office Brokerage
Zack Stoddard Office Brokerage

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Industrial Brokerage Services

Dan Minnaert, SIOR, CCIM
Devin Pierce, SIOR Christ Pearson, SIOR
Gavin Phillips Brokerage Services Chris Baird Brokerage Services

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Retail Brokerage Services

Bob Mitchell, CSM
Mark Schlag, CCIM, CLS Holly Chetwood
Brianna Miller

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Land Brokerage Services

Michael Ballantyne, CCIM, SIOR
Lenny Nelson Land Brokerage Sam McCaskill Land Brokerage

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Idaho Falls Brokerage Services

Brent Wilson, CLS
Brian Wilson

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Brian Wilson Idaho Falls Brokerage



 CORPORATE STAFF:  [Not licensed real estate agents]
Commercial Property Managers

Ben Shalz, CPM
Joe Iglesias, CPM Jeff Shaffer, CPM
Rebeka Ward, CPM Debbie Cook
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Jeanine McKeon
Laura ODell Stephanie Todd

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Assistant Property Managers

Trisha McCurdy
Rachael Ebeltoft

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Market Research Idaho Commercial Real Estate

Kristi Larson Brokerage Services
Tyler Stimpson Market Research Manager Danielle Montgomery
Athena Oreck

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Commercial Brokerage Assistants

Anne Best Brokerage Assistant
Deb Walters Brokerage Assistant Tanya Davis Brokerage Assistant

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Client Relations

Kathy Sodhi Client Relationship Manager
Irene Chaney Administrative Assistant

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Marketing Services

 Candy Willcuts Marketing Coordinator Whitney Sprute Marketing Assistant       
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Corporate Accounting Services

Jacade Hickman Finance Manager

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Property Management Accounting
Dani PalmerDale Staff Accountant
Brenda Wunderlich Staff Accountant
Riley Hoskins - Staff Accountant
Brian King - Accounts Payable

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Technology - Thornton Oliver Keller

Josh Paul Director of Technology Chad Schaffer Information Technology Jamie Sanchez Help Desk Technician
Julie Lacey Business Systems Analyst

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Human Resources Thornton Oliver Keller

Lacey Henning Human Resource Manager

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Thornton Oliver Keller Maintenance

Dan Walsh Maintenance Mgr
Tom McCune Property Maintenance Greg Fish Maintenance Tech
 Travis Kocian Maintenance Tech

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On-site Facilities Services

Joe Gillis Idaho State Police Maintenance Manager
Emil Smith Idaho State Police Maintenance
Bernard Blackstock Idaho State Police
Bruce Williams Lockaway Storage

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